Best Fat Burner for Women: Does It Really Exist?

At least once in their life, women are struggling to look physically good. And among all the aspects, at the top of the list is to have a slender, curvy body. Actually, about 67% of clients coming to my clinic are on this niche. They’re in the look for the best fat burner for women.

Kate, my younger sister, was one of them (she’s on private sessions, and free of charge, too.. LOL).

Best Fat Burner for Women - Kate's ProblemOne Sunday morning, she came to see me to consult this very issue. She’s only 3 weeks behind her big day (she was getting married) and she’s so not comfortable with how her upper arms look in the wedding dress. Not only that, she’s also complaining about how her back (you know, the part your bra is surrounding) would look fat because of the corset.

Nancy (not her real name), one of my clients, had a different story. I can recall she’s telling me in red face, close to yelling, that her boyfriend just broke up with her to be with her classmate. And that was not exactly why she’s coming to my clinic. It was because her boyfriend lightly and coldly said to her, “only morons date a pig.” (yea.. shame on him!).

Well… he’s a guy, afterall. In case you don’t know, men are all about looks. It’s in their genes!

It’s a cold, hard truth. In men’s head it’s either face or body. Unless they look like Mariah Carey or Kim Kardashian, nice girls like Nancy won’t stand a chance in the dating pool. It just won’t cut it. And since fixing the body is a lot more doable than fixing the face, more and more businesses are entering the industry to cash in with their “magic solutions”.

Solutions that made Kate and Nancy confused.

Best Fat Burner for Women - Frustrated GirlPrior to seeing me, both Kate and Nancy have tried literally every solution under the sun to lose weight and look good. Kate had gone to the gym for 10 consecutive weeks, hired a personal trainer there, dieting, and visiting saunas more than she attends church… all with dismal results.

Nancy, on the other hand, charged in with more contemporary approaches. She was using weight-loss patches, consuming diet pills and green teas religiously,  using that “as seen on TV” belly-shaking machine, and later even went seeing a hypnotherapist. The results? She managed to lose a few pounds but they came back before she had a chance to celebrate it…

Long story short…

Kate and Nancy took my advice, executed my plan, and in a few short weeks they came back to me referring friends and colleagues as clients (boy, how I love my sibling FINALLY do that!). Kate lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks period (and looked perfect in her wedding!), and Nancy –provided she had no time constrains like my sister, was very happy losing a total of 14 pounds in two months.

So what exactly was my advice to them? Read on…

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