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Hello ladies!

My name is Kimberly Lane, a beautician and herbalist by profession.

Throughout the years running my little clinic, I’ve been consulted with problems ranging from weight loss, acne, skin care, anti-aging, teeth-whitening, to… guess what, breast enlargement and vagina renewal! And let me tell you that the pleasure was all mine because nothing can describe the feeling when a client thank you in tears for their life-long problem has finally gone for good :-)

It is of my greatest concern now that in the last decade the industry has transformed into a multi-billion dollar business and everyone and their monkey were trying to get a piece of the cake by jumping onto the bandwagon. Today you can search about any beauty product on the Internet and find in return.. tons of so-called “experts” with their so-called “unbiased reviews” ready to take advantage of your ignorance. Why, sweetie… they’re all there only for the money.

Now, what I’m gonna say and recommend on the blog has been through years of extensive tests. Hundreds of successful clients and I, myself, were living proofs that I AM the real deal when it comes to face and body care.

And just so you know, I used to charge big bucks for my advice (and still do –I’m talking about $2K-5K four week sessions) but hey, you’re gonna get them FREE here.. because this blog serves as my social-responsibility project ;-) So… enjoy!

Kim Lane - Editor, Women Herbal




Yours beautifully,
Kim Lane

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